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Your HOPEfund application has been successfully submitted!

Once your application has been received, a member of the Sudbury Board of Health Social Work Office will reach out to schedule a brief phone call to review your application, answer any questions you have, provide additional resources if needed, and support you through the next steps in the process. The Social Work office will then submit your application to the HOPEsudbury board.


The HOPEsudbury board will review the application and share their decision with you and the Social Work Office via email.
If your application is approved, HOPEsudbury will send checks directly to the vendors listed on your application.

Visit our HOPEfund guidelines for additional information; you are also welcome to contact the Sudbury Board of Health Social Work Office at or 978-440-5476 with any questions.

(Please note that once the application is submitted to the HOPEsudbury Board,

we are not able to change where the grants are sent.)


If you are struggling with food insecurity, visit our HOPEmeals page, where can register to receive a week's worth of meals delivered to your home at no cost. This program is exclusively available to Sudbury, MA residents and is unrelated to the HOPEfund/does not affect your HOPEfund eligibility in any way. Details and application can be found here.

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