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HOPEsudbury Mission Statement:

HOPEsudbury is dedicated to engaging the people of Sudbury in community-wide efforts to provide humanitarian aid to people in need, both at home and abroad.

Get to Know HOPE

Thank you to HOPEsudbury supporter Stuart Beeby Photography for

creating this video in honor of our 20th anniversary!

After the tragic events of September 11, 2001, people in Sudbury, Massachusetts were moved to take action to help others in need.

The idea caught on. 

Those people called a few people who called a few more and HOPEsudbury was born—a diverse group of residents, town employees and business people—young and young at heart—working as a community to help those in need of support, encouragement and financial assistance.

Since that time, HOPEsudbury has sponsored a variety of activities and events designed to strengthen community ties while raising money, collecting items and showing support for people in need. A current list of HOPEsudbury board members can be found here.

Giving at Home and Beyond

Our signature program, the HOPEfund, is a valuable source of short-term financial assistance for local individuals and families with unexpected financial need. The fund has distributed more than $1,000,000 since it was established in 2002. On average, 60-70 Sudbury families who have fallen on hard times turn to the HOPEfund for support each year.  In 2022, the HOPEfund aided 104 Sudbury families with more than $100,000 in emergency financial assistance.


Each year we also direct a small portion of our charitable giving to support Sudbury first responders and/or nonprofit organizations across the state, the country, and the world, serving people struggling to meet basic needs. Past examples include a new fully stocked refrigerator for the Sudbury Food Pantry, new gloves for SFD, and support for the SPD’s Advocates program. We also support agencies engaged in rapid response to natural disasters and conflict.  In the past, HOPEsudbury has supported agencies providing food relief to Ukraine, disaster relief during Texas Hurricanes, and Australian Wildfire relief. 

The Power of Community

The “giving” piece of HOPEsudbury is only one part of what we do. First and foremost, our mission is to create opportunities for Sudbury citizens to work together for the common good. Through our popular Auction, Fishing Derby and community drives, HOPEsudbury encourages residents from all walks of life to share their time, talents and treasures to support others in need.

We welcome your support.


HOPEsudbury Board of Directors

Executive Board


Lisa West


Karen Walper

Vice President

Melissa Perla


Christy Dunn


Carole Ann Baer

Board Member Emeritus

Board Membeers


Renee Bordner


Samantha Bower 


Kristine Daniel

​Kerianne Davey​

Megan Kelley

​Jillian Kelton​

Joyce Minkoff​

Jana Quinn

​Madeline Saville

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