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HOPE Meals

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HOPE Meals assists Sudbury, MA residents amid difficult times, such as medical illness, surgical recovery, grief, mental health needs, new baby, etc. Ensuring you and your family have a healthy, balanced meal can ease some of the burdens of everyday life.


HOPEsudbury has partnered with Feast & Fettle to deliver one week of fresh meals (4 entrees and 6 sides portioned to your family size) to your door at no charge. Feast & Fettle is a fully prepared meal delivery service based in East Providence, RI that delivers meals all over Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Connecticut. Every meal is made fresh each day in their kitchens, then delivered right to your door in their refrigerated vans. Their food is never frozen, and they hand-select local ingredients to make your meals. Feast & Fettle takes the stress out of cooking to give you back the time to focus on what matters most!  

Residents select their food and date of delivery themselves on the Feast & Fettle websiteResidents can self-refer to this program or be referred by a friend/family member by filling out the meal request form here.  There are no financial eligibility requirements, and we follow a strict non-discrimination policy.



How can I apply for HOPE Meals?

Please complete the meal request form 

Can I apply for a friend to receive HOPE Meals?

Yes, please complete the meal request form and select ‘Someone Else’ for the first question on the form:  “Is this request for you or someone else?”

Can I apply for a non-Sudbury, MA resident?

No. Due to the delivery boundaries of this program, only Sudbury, MA residents are eligible to receive meals. We will require proof of residency.

Can I apply anonymously or use a pseudonym? 

No. A valid name, address, and number of household members must be used and will be verified by HOPE Meals team.  Use of false information will result in denial of application and possible restriction from all HOPEsudbury programs.  

How often can I apply for the HOPE Meals program?

Once every 6 months per household.

Do I need to provide my credit card?

No payment information is required for this program.

Can I give my code to a friend if I decide not to use it?

HOPE Meals is for the recipient, and transfer or sale of codes is not permissible. If you cannot use your code, we ask you to return it to HOPESudbury to use it for another resident.

Can I order some meals now, and save the rest of my gift card balance for later? 

No. Since your gift code is good for a designated meal plan, it can only be redeemed in full.


Will my gift code expire if I don’t use it right away?

No.  Your gift code will not expire. Feel free to use it at a time that best suits you and your schedule.

Can I edit my order or delivery date? 

All orders can be edited until Thursday at 12:00pm on the week before your delivery.  This deadline is final, so changes can NOT be made after this time.

To edit your order, click “Menus” then select the order that you’d like to edit. Then click “Edit My Order” and make your changes. Don’t forget to save your new order!

To edit your delivery date, click “Menus” then select the order that you’d like to edit. Click “Edit My Order” then select each menu item and select its new delivery date.

NOTE: All of your meals must be delivered on the same day, unless you upgrade to a Select Membership.

Are the meals frozen?

No- all Feast & Fettle meals are delivered fresh in insulated bags with commercial-grade ice packs.

Can Feast & Fettle accommodate specific diets?

The menus are designed to accommodate various dietary and nutritional needs. The Feast and Fettle menus change weekly and offer various vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.


Can Feast & Fettle meals accommodate specific food allergies?

Feast & Fettle meals are prepared in a facility that handles the following major food allergens: wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish, soy, milk, eggs, and sesame. All menu items are flagged for allergens. F&F chefs follow strict practices to avoid cross-contamination. However, they cannot guarantee that meals will be completely allergen-free.  

Do you need to be home for the delivery?

No. If you are not home, the Feast & Fettle driver will deliver your bag to your preferred location, and you will receive an SMS message with proof of delivery.  

When are food deliveries made?

Deliveries are made Sunday through Thursday, typically between 10 AM and 6:30 PM. You will receive an automatic SMS with your delivery window the evening before your scheduled delivery.

Will I receive email confirmation of my order?

No. Please write your confirmation number down once you complete your order.  

What do I do with the refrigerated bags once the meal is delivered?

Your meals are packaged in durable containers and arrive in an insulated, reusable bag with commercial-grade ice packs. Ahead of your next delivery day, simply leave out your bags and ice for your driver to collect. Members of our container return program can leave out their sanitized F&F containers along with their bags and ice. All used containers are picked up at our facility by our partner, TerraCycle, who specializes in collecting hard-to-recycle materials (such as our food containers), and repurposing them into affordable, innovative products. Learn more about TerraCycle here.

If you will not be ordering again and would like Feast and Fettle to pick up your bag and ice pack, please email to schedule a pick up. 

What if I have questions?  Who do I contact?

If it is a food/delivery related question please contact Feast & Fettle at  If there is a question about this program and eligibility, please contact HOPEsudbury at

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