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Thank you for supporting our 2022 fundraising campaign
and helping us reach our goal!

Throughout the Covid pandemic, our community come together in ways both large and small to help each other.   This is “The Power of Community” in action!  During these trying times, your unwavering support and generosity allowed HOPEsudbury to assist Sudbury residents, many with young children, bridge difficult financial gaps.  


In 2021, HOPEsudbury: 


  • Distributed over $60,000 to more than 55 Sudbury households with emergency financial needs, including rent, utilities, medical expenses, and childcare; 


  • Brought residents together with our annual Telethon & Auction, Fishing Derby, partnership events with local businesses, and other community drives.


2022 has seen unprecedented need.  As of Sept 27th, we have already helped 88 families and distributed over $82,000.  That is well over our TOTAL yearly budget with several more months left in the year. 


The compounding effects of the Covid pandemic, including job loss, inflation & cost of living increases, have created a need greater than ever, but HOPEsudbury’s mission to bring the community together to provide humanitarian aid to people in need remains steadfast.  We are amazed and humbled by how Sudbury continues to rise to the occasion to help neighbors who are struggling.  


Your gift allows us to get funds to families in crisis, and fast: bills are paid directly to vendors so the relief is often immediate.  $600 supports an individual request, and $1200 supports a family.  This ability to quickly respond to the needs of community members is unique to HOPEsudbury. Every gift, no matter the size, impacts your neighbors and the greater community.  We hope that you will once again consider supporting HOPEsudbury, as this meaningful work can only happen in partnership with you.

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