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The HOPEfund

If you are a Sudbury, MA resident in need of emergency financial assistance to help pay for essential bills, HOPEsudbury's HOPEfund may be able to help.  Please refer to our Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions to review up-to- date eligibility requirements as well as the type of bills that we can assist with.  We offer grants up to $600 for an individual, $800 for a 2 or more adult household, and $1200 for a family (guardian/s and one or more dependents).

To apply for a HOPEfund grant, complete the online application. HOPEsudbury eligibility criteria is available on our Guidelines page.  


Please note:  Applications will be reviewed by HOPEsudbury only once the application is complete, including copies of the bills you are requesting assistance with. 


Once a completed application is approved, HOPEsudbury will send the check(s) directly to the vendor (landlord, utility company, etc).  We are not able to make billing changes once an application has been approved. 


All requests are confidential and there are no citizenship questions asked.


There just aren’t enough words to express how thankful I am for the financial assistance I received from HOPEsudbury. I’ve been in a tight spot for a while now, and the money provided by HOPEsudbury towards my costly heating bill will help immensely. I honestly never pictured myself in a position where I would need financial assistance, but as we all know life doesn’t always go as planned. With the support of HOPEsudbury I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel and get back on track financially. I will be forever grateful to HOPEsudbury and my goal is to one day give back.

With gratitude,
A very thankful and appreciative Sudbury resident

       Read more about how HOPEsudbury impacts members of our community here.

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