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A letter from a recipient of assistance from HOPEsudbury

(HOPE Fund and grocery/restaurant gift cards):


Life is now defined by "pre-covid" and "new normal" qualifiers. March of 2020 -- quarantine -- changed our lives forever, and immediately ushered us into an unprecedented global experience, the impact of which will continue in stages and phases for some time to come.


In my personal and professional life, Covid caused a series of snowball events that were impossible to predict or plan for, flipping my world upside down. As a result of covid, I experienced job loss and chronic unemployment, which lead to food insecurity, among other things. A new resident to Massachusetts (I moved to Sudbury 5 weeks before quarantine/shut down mandates), I was unaware of local resources and the timing of my divorce, which overlapped much of the Shelter-in-Place lockdown, precluded my ability to receive pandemic related emergency support. 


Directly related to food insecurity, I ate only one meal a day for many months --- oatmeal, eggs and toast, rice and beans, primarily. Over a 4 month period I lost 25 pounds. It was the Sudbury Town Social Worker's team that introduced me to a number of local resources to assist with food insecurity -- the Sudbury Food Pantry, federal SNAP program, and HOPE Sudbury. 


HOPE Sudbury was a lifeline for me. Through HOPE Sudbury's scope of services, I received emergency funds to apply towards rent, I received several gift cards designated to purchase groceries, and I received several gift cards to local restaurants. All of which eased the burden and energy required to constantly resource the provision of food. The gift cards helped fill the gap until employment opportunities picked up again, they enabled me to gain back all the weight I lost, they allowed me to replenish my fridge, freezer, and pantry with staples again. And, most importantly, they provided opportunities for me to extend compassion to others by sharing my resources with those in need.


Donors who give to support the programs and services of HOPE Sudbury are creating a circle of care for those families, couples, and individuals, like me, who find themselves in a temporary crisis. I am deeply grateful for your kindness and commitment to extend compassion to fellow neighbors during a difficult time.


Thank you for being a beacon of hope during a time of need.

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