Talent Registration Information

(Please Read Carefully!) 

This year, HOPEsudbury is planning to hold the telethon in person. However, due to uncertainties around COVID-19, we are again asking talent to register and submit a video that will be aired during the telethon on November 6th. If creating a video on your own is a challenge for you please contact SudburyTV at info2@sudburytv.org.


Within 48 hours after your registration is received, the primary contact listed in your registration will receive an email from SudburyTV which will include guidelines for recording and submitting your video for inclusion in the HOPEsudbury Telethon.

Ready to register? Click HERE to begin the registration process! 

(Please note- you must also review and complete the forms listed below to complete your registration!)

Each member of your group will need to sign a SudburyTV Release Form. A link to the online release form will be emailed to the primary contact listed in your registration. If there are additional members in your group, the primary contact should share the link with all members. You may also access the release form HERE


October 8 - Final opportunity to register as Talent AND appear in our guidebook, which is distributed all over Sudbury and to the Sudbury K-8 Public Schools.

October 15 - FINAL Opportunity to register as Talent (registrations received after this date will not be included).

October 18 - FINAL Deadline to submit your video; submissions received after this date or not meeting video guidelines will not be included. Click here to submit video. 

(REMINDER- be sure to review the video submission guidelines outlined HERE!)

In light of the fact that our Telethons are presented to raise money for our HOPE Fund, which in turn helps out many Sudbury residents, it is kindly suggested that a donation of $10 per act be made to the HOPE Fund. Checks should be made out to HOPEsudbury and can be mailed to:

Carole Ann Baer

20 Heather Lane

Stow, MA 01775

For questions related to talent, please contact Carole Ann Baer via email: talent@hopesudbury.org or phone: (508) 498-5095.

For questions related to recording or submitting your video, please contact SudburyTV at info2@sudburytv.org.