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HOPE Meals - NEW!

Through the generosity of Feast & Fettle, HOPE meals is now available to assist Sudbury residents amid difficult times, such as medical illness, surgical recovery, grief, mental health needs, new baby, etc. Ensuring you and your family have a healthy, balanced meal can ease some of the burdens of everyday life. Learn more here.

Healthy Meal


Each year we direct a portion of our charitable giving to support Sudbury first responders and/or nonprofit organizations. Past examples include a new fully stocked refrigerator for the Sudbury Food Pantry, new gloves for SFD, and support for the SPD’s Advocates program.

Tug of War

HOPE for Camp Fund

Through the generosity of a group of wonderful local donors, the HOPE for Camp/Childcare Fund is now available to help with the financial expense of summer camp or childcare for families in need. Applications are submitted to the Town Social Workers Office, with checks written directly to the camp or childcare provider, with grants of up to $400 per child annually.

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Beyond our Borders

Annually we direct a small portion of our charitable giving to nonprofit organizations across the state, the country, and the world, serving people struggling to meet basic needs. We also support agencies engaged in rapid response to natural disasters and conflict. In the past, HOPEsudbury has supported agencies providing food relief to Ukraine, disaster relief during Texas Hurricanes, and Australian Wildfire relief. 

The HOPE Fund

Our signature program, The HOPE Fund, is a valuable source of short-term financial assistance for local individuals and families with emergent or unexpected financial need. Each year 60-70 Sudbury, MA families who have fallen on hard times turn to The HOPE Fund for support.The Fund has distributed more than $850,000 since it was established in 2002. Click here to learn more about the HOPE fund including how to apply for a grant.

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