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Thank you to our 2022 Donors!!

list current as of 11/5/2022

(asterik denotes recurring donor)

Visionaries ($500+)


Benevity Fund

Pamela A. Bisson and Robert A. Diefenbacher

Helen & Miner Crary Fund of the Foundation for MetroWest

Ellsworth Household

Drobinksi Household

Gallagher Household

Gemayel Family Foundation

Kevin and Sheri Givens *

Hall Household

Howrey Household

Ray Hulse

Knightly Household

Angela Lee

Lesile MacKenzie

Mueller Household

John and Rhonda Ollquist

Perla Household

Renata Pomponi and Karl Büttner

Quinn Household

Thomas Rogan

Anu and Mahesh Saptharishi

Simons Household

Josh Thomas

Johnson Controls c/o Wei Wang

Butkus and Palmer Household

Ranere Household

Altruists ($250+)

Chris and Holly Bernene

Susan Berry

Coast and Country

Darley Household

Dereshinsky Household

Fox Household

Lisa Hayes *

Maura and Matthew Maher

Maloney Household

Mazin Household

Poland Household

Roopenian Household

Linda and Peter Skelly

Gina and Danforth Sullivan

Troiano Household *

Robert Kamen and Trudi Veldman

Walper Household

Roopenian Household

Idealists ($150+)

Capital Group Properties

Bradford Household

American Graphiti

Give Lively Foundation

Laura Handal

Richard and Mary Jane Hayden

Divya Narayan

Riggert Household

Solakian Family

Debra Termine

Jo and Tom Travers

The Vuolo Household

Optimists ($100+)

Brian and Marcia Ackley

Judy and Jack Butler

Dan and Maura Carty

Sherrill Cline & Tom McGowan

Code Ninjas Sudbury

Christine Coen

Barbara Cole

Stephen Demski

Lauren Duke

Leslie J. Egan

Kathryn Ferraro

The Gardent Household

Howard and Carol Gordon

Dave and Diane Hoaglin

Latimer Household

Linehan Household

Jeanine Lewars

Maier Household

Massarotti Household

Jamie Micco

Diane Muffitt and Linda Murdock

Jean Galligan Pallone and Basil Pallone

Park Household

Fred and Barbara Pryor

Anna Roughsedge

Shempp Household

Starz Salon

Tracy Stewart

Danyel and Christopher Rodgers

Trevisan Household

Sudbury Villagers

West Household

Pat Sluder

Heye Household

Sarah and Richard Wilmot

Believers ($50+)

Arthur Household

Bower Household

Blizanac Household

Nickole Conyngham

Costello Household

Bill and Maria Dawson

Bob and Phyllis Feingold

Garvin Household

Grellier Household

Hild Household

Jeffrey and Kathy Klinger

Carissa Moore

Linda Moros

Silvia Nerssessian

Jonathan Patch

Podolsky Household

Remington Household

Len and Gail-Ann Simon

Sullivan Household

Huabei Yin

Friends and Dreamers (up to $50)


Bernard Household

Beyond The Crisis

Campbell Household

Priya Chockalingam

Cohen Household

David Household

Sumner and Bonnie Fredman

Barbara Gariepy

Caryn Keegan

Maaskant Household

Victoria Major

Bob and Jane Morrissey

Ragno Household

Jeff and Kim Schwartz

Ravi Simon

Jenn Stone

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